Product: HP114 Corner Crimping Machine

• Joins the corners of aluminium profiles by crimping the corner of the profile
• Hydraulic operating system, sustains high-pressure crimping
• Hydraulic clamps enable maximum profile stability
• Ability to work with all types of profiles
• The crimping blades can be adjusted easily with the magnetic fixing system
• The support is lowered hydraulically for easy loading and off-loading of work pieces
• Magnetic support block enables easy adjustment
• Step by step control of the operation by means of foot pedal

Power supply: 415V, 3 ph, 50-60Hz
Power output: 3.0kW
Hydraulic pressure: 150bar
Pressing power: 6500KGF
Min profile height: 15mm
Max profile height: 90mm
Max profile width: 140mm
Machine height: 1300mm
Machine length: 1020mm
Machine width 1050mm
Machine weight 300kg

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