Product: MAC340 CNC Machining Centre

• PC controlled 3-axis interpolated CNC machine
• Able to move in 3 axis simultaneously on the work piece
• High accuracy on aluminium door, window and facade profiles (+/- 0.1mm)
• Able to work on 3mm thick iron profiles
• Able to work on 5 sides of profile (front. Back, left, right and top)
• Automatic tool changing by means of magazine, which holds 7 tools including
• Angled Head
• Automatic moving vices (Vices move according to position of processing point
during operation)
• 19” touch screen monitor
• Industrial PC with Windows XP embedded which works between 0oC and 55oC
without a fan
• RJ45, 1 GBit Ethernet connection
• Problem identification, solution and servicing by means of remote connections
• CAD-CAM programme
• Automatic switching from DXF format to 3D
• 3D machine simulation used to calculate the operation time before operating the
machine and displaying the process in 3D
• Full integration with façade and door – window production software
• Thread cutting, flow drill, counter sink operations
• Central lubrication system to enable good machine maintenance

Power supply: 240-415V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
Power output: 18kW, 45A
Z axis: 50m/min
Clamp axis: 30m/dk
Position accuracy value: +/- 0.1mm
Spindle speed: 24,000 devir/dakika Spindle power: Spindle 1 - 7.5kW, Spindle 2 - 9kW
Drill chuck type: ISO 30
Saw Blade Diameter: 200mm
Max tool quantity: 7 pieces
Standard clamp quantity: 4 pieces
Optional clamp quantity: 6 pieces
Air pr4essure: 7 bar
Machine height: 2,180mm
Machine length: 4,860mm
Machine width: 2,050mm
Machine weight: 3,000kg
X axis max processing length: 4,000mm
Y axis max processing length: 250mm
Z axis max processing length: 220mm
X axis angled head processing length: 4,000mm
Y axis angled head processing length: 175mm
Z axis angled head processing length: 220mm
X axis maximum speed: 100m/min
Y axis maximum speed: 50m/min

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