Product: CN772 4 Axis CNC Corner Cleaner

4 axis high-speed servo controls enables fast working with high accuracy.
Shorter work cycle by simultaneous processing on both lower and upper surfaces of the frame.
Using different grooving knives enables high quality surface cleaning.
Ultimate results in corner cleaning by specially designed 11 different tools.
White and colored frames as well as gasket retracted and plain profiles can be chosen from the screen and cleaned automatically.
Kiosk type ergonomic operator terminal can be easily moved to every corner around the machine.
High performance industrial PC with Windows XP Embedded operating works needles of fan between 0°C – 55°C.
User friendly unique interface developed by Murat Machinery Software Department enables to create new programs and edit the existing ones easily by using the .dxf drawings of profiles on the screen. 
All error messages can be monitored from the screen.

By online connection to the entire system, remote detection of malfunctions and maintenance is available.
The software cleans unnecessary processes and sustains maximum security against virus attacks and user faults at every system start-up and turn-off.
Data transfer is available via network connection or USB interface.
Infinite number of profile dimensions and properties can be stored.
Ability to automatically back-up daily data on internal storage unit.
With shift monitoring system, all operations can be controlled daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
Central lubrication system eases maintenance.
The rails are specially coated to prevent corrosion.

Power supply: 400 V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz
Power output: 14 kW, 38 A
Saw blade diameter: Ø250 mm 
Min. inner frame dimension: 420 x 420 mm
Max. profile height: 170 mm
Min. profile height: 30 mm
Max. profile width: 120 mm
Air pressure: 6-8 bar
Air consumption: 100 l/min.
Machine height: 1,900 mm
Machine length: 1,910 mm  (2,970 mm with frame support table)
Machine width: 900 mm (2,390 mm with frame support table)
Machine weight: 740 kg

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