Product: FA154 Automatic End Milling Machine

For end milling of transom in PVC and Aluminum profiles.
Automatic feed of the milling unit.
Ability to route at varying angles up to 45° left and 30° right.
Vertical pneumatic profile clamping system enables optimum work piece fixing.     
Cooling system for aluminum profiles.
Hydro-pneumatic feed system to route aluminum profiles.

Power supply: 400 V,  3ph, 50-60 Hz
Power output: 1,1 kW
Max. cutter diameter: 160 mm.
Spindle speed: 2,800 r.p.m.
Max. routing height: 90 mm.
Max. routing depth: 30 mm.
Max. profile width: 120 mm.
Max. profile height: 90 mm.
Air pressure: 6-8 bar
Air consumption: 20 l/min. (70 l/min. cooling system)
Machine Height: 1,220 mm
Machine Length: 960 mm
Machine Width: 820 mm
Machine Weight: 75 kg

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