Product: KB512 1 Head Welder

Strongly welds PVC profiles at variable angles between 45° - 180°
Welds both colored and white profiles with 0,2 mm. welding seam restriction.
Melting and welding time are digitally adjusted.
All operations are controlled by the digital touchscreen display.
Long lasting heating plates distribute heat homogenously.
Ability to clean the heater plates easily.
Long lasting Teflon usage and easy change by special Teflon system.
Practical welding fixture changing system.
The profiles are clamped simultaneously by foot pedal switch.

Power supply: 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Power output: 1.5 kW
Max. profile width: 140 mm (for 90° welding)
Max. profile height: 175 mm
Min. profile height: 38 mm
Air pressure: 6-8 bar
Air consumption: 28 l/min.
Machine height: 1,650 mm
Machine length: 800 mm
Machine width: 750 mm
Machine weight: 135 kg

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