Product: KT804 Sash Assembly Line

Serial and high quality standard assembly of single or tilt and turn opening system window and door sashes in various dimensions.
Optimization of sash assembling by combination of different processes at one table.
Triple drilling for handles and milling for espagnolette canal with easy positioning of the tools. 
Punch unit for cropping the single or tilt and turn espagnolettes as well as scissor hinges according to sash dimension without measuring.
Automatic screwing unit with height adjustment for espagnolette, scissor hinges.
Drilling of hinge holes without measuring for the location.
The work table can be shifted 15° for ergonomic working.
Standard equipped with shelves for hardware and other tools.

Power supply: 400 V, 3ph, 50-60 Hz
Power output triple drill: 1.1 kW
Power output milling: 1.1 kW
Triple drill spindle speed: 900 r.p.m.
Milling spindle speed: 2,700 r.p.m.
Min. Frame Size: 450 mm. x 450 mm.
Max. Frame Size: 2,100 mm x 2,100 mm.
Max. Profile Height: 90 mm.
Min. Profile Width: 42 mm
Max. Profile Width: 100 mm
Screw Head Dia.: 5-10 mm
Screw Length: 10-35 mm
Screw Outer Thickness: 2.4 - 2.5 mm
Air pressure: 6-8 bar
Air consumption: 80 l/min.
Machine height: 2,050 mm
Machine length: 3,500 mm 
Machine width: 1,950 mm
Machine Weight  880 kg

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