Product: SMR4 4 Head Welder

• Touch screen control with 21 memory positioning
• Welds corners/transoms and cruciforms on all heads
• Automatic head positioning for corners and transoms
• Automatic corner and transom support fence positioning
• Retractable corner fence with quick release contour blocks
• Self-centering transom alignment on all heads
• Movable heads are locked in position by pneumatic braking
• Linear guide bearings for heater plate and clamp assembly
• All operations can be controlled automatically by the PLC
• Two hand safety operation
• Independent head operation

Power supply: 415 V, 3ph, 50-60 Hz
Power output: 4.0 kW
Max. Welding length: 4,000 mm
Min. Welding length: 330 mm
Max. Profile width: 130 mm (for 90° welding)
Max. Profile height: 190 mm
Air pressure: 6-8 bar
Machine height: 1,640 mm
Machine length: 4,300 mm
Machine width: 760 mm
Machine weight: 1500 kg

SMR-3 Three Head welding machine
SML-4  Four Head standard welding machine
SML-3 Three Head standard welding machine

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