Product: TC294 Glazing Bead Saw

Two special saw blades positioned at 45° for simultaneous undercutting of the glazing bead profiles.
By means of special counterblocks two glazing bead profiles can be cut at the same time.
Automatic operation with adjustable feed speed.
Standard equipped with conveyor system with manual measuring rod and adjustable length fixing stopper.
Counterblocks can be changed easily.
Two vertical pneumatic clamps enable optimum work piece fixation.     

EM 135 Electronic Digital Measuring Rod
Only works with MS 300 Digital Measuring and Stop System.
Digital rod with 0.1° accuracy for measuring glazing bead profiles.
Specially designed for endurance.
Measures up to 1,6 m. (2,6 m. is available with extension).
All the measurement data is saved on the SD memory card which is standard on every digital measuring rod.
Data storage capacity up to 50,000 measures.
The data is automatically transferred to the glazing bead saw via wireless connection which is supplied by RF (radio frequency) transmitter which is integrated on digital measuring rod.
The RF connection distance is 150 m. and the coverage signal can be viewed from the digital screen with two lines.
The batteries can be charged on the device.
Fully compatible with prior Murat glazing bead saws.
The memory cassette can store 250 different lengths and these lengths are transferred to the self positioning conveyor system by simply inserting the cassette in its slot on the machine.

Power supply: 400 V, 3ph, 50-60 Hz
Total power output: 1,5 kW
Power output of each motor: 0.75 kW x 2
Spindle speed: 2,800 r.p.m.
Saw blade diameter: Ø 200 mm. x 2; Ø 100 mm. x 2
Max. cutting length: 3,000 mm.
Min. cutting length: 230 mm.
Air pressure: 6-8 bar
Air consumption: 70 l/min.
Machine height: 970 mm.
Machine length: 440 mm. (+ 4.870 mm. conveyor system)
Machine width: 1,150 mm
Machine weight: 130 kg

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