Product: TT450 Automatic Double Mitre Saw

Aluminium and PVC profiles cutting
Saw Heads which can cut inward or outward
Angels between 45° - 90°/ 90° - 135° can be adjusted manually.
Length, angle and cutting accuracy thanks to strong construction and linear bearing system500 mm diameter saw blade enables accurate cutting of different sizes of Aluminium and PVC profiles
More precise and serial cutting by tolerating failures which are caused by profile wideness with automatic profile measurement system during outward cutting process
Can cut the maximum 4500mm profile
Automatic positioning of the mobile head by means of PLC control system with Win CE
Item number, length dimensions, angels and quantities can be programmed on the control panel (999 x 3: able to cut in 3 different programme)
Data transfer by means of Network connection or USB
Adjustable saw movement speed
Continues where it left by switching among different cutting
Profile support conveyor on mobile head balance the profile worked onIn long-length profile cutting, Automatic support mechanisms which work between fixed and mobile head prevents the deflection and provides smooth and precise cutting
Ease of use by ergonomic design
Automatic closing safety hood to protect the employee
Horizontal and vertical clamping system to ensure optimum profile fixing 

Power Supply : 400 V, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz
Total Power : 6,55 kW
Motor Power : 3 kW x 2Saw Speed : 2.800 r.p.m.
Max. profile Width : 175 mm
Max. Cutting Length : 4.500 mm
Min. Cutting Length : 350 mm
Air Pressure : 6-8 barAir Consumption : 60 l/dk.Machine Height : 1.750 mm
Machine Length : 8.000 mm
Machine Width : 1.700 mm
Machine Weight : 1.800 kg            
(*) Values can change according to the opsions package.


Chips are transported to the evacuation tank by automatic carrying belt during cutting process
Able to cut the profile in desired length with Aluminium wedge cutting (min.: 4mm – max: 7.500mm)
Dust and chips extraction systemMachine can be produced 6.000 mm and 7.500 mm in length upon request
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