Product: ONIX 3 AXIS 3.3

3-Axis CNC machining centre with moving portal, especially designed for milling, drilling, threading and cutting bars or workpieces made of aluminium, PVC, light alloys and steel.

• Main structures made of electro-welded steel, normalized and worked with CNC machine tools
• 3-Axis movement controlled by high-precision brushless servomotors
• Electric spindle (4kW in S1), with ISO 30 tool connection suitable for material removal processes during milling and drilling operations
• Tool magazine holding up to 5 tools, mounted on the base of the machine
• Clamps manual positioning (automatic positioning optional)
• Maximum workable length 3.3meters
• Chips conveyor plate
• Full safety enclosure
• Angular head which allows machining operations on the lateral faces of the workpiece without its repositioning

X Axis longitudinal - 3450mm
Y Axis cross - 600mm
Z Axis vertical - 265mm
Machining of the workpiece sides - angular head
Axis acceleration - X 1.5m/sec Y 1.5m/sec Z 2m/sec
Axis positioning speed - X 40m/min Y 40m/min Z 15m/min
Tool magazine capacity - 5 positions
Maximum milling blade diameter - 120mm
Number of standard vices - 4
Vices positioning - manual (automatic optional)
Number of stop references standard - 1 manual
Voltage - 400V 3ph - 50//60Hz
Spindle motor power S1 4kW (5.5kW/7.5kW optional)
Adjustable electro spindle speed - 0-18,000rpm (0-24,000rpm optional)
Tool holder - ISO 30
Spindle cooling system - Electric fan
Operating pressure - 7 bar
Tool installed power - 6kW/8kW
Overall dimensions -4600 x 1675 x 2260mm
Weight - 1400kg

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