AL 220/70 & AL 220/80 Aluminium Machining Centres


  • All sawing, milling, drilling and marking operations on aluminium profiles are gathered in one machine controlled by a computer
  • Automatic oil dispenser
  • Stacking of 7 profiles (max 6.5m length) – profile width dependent
  • Servo driven automatic cutting of all angles between 45o and 135o
  • Pop up roller to avoid profile marking during transportation
  • Heavy duty routing motor for long life operation
  • Able to work in high speed and precision thanks to 8 axis controlled by servo motors
  • Automatic conveyor belt system to transport scrap profile to the waste container
  • Opens barrel, mirror and handle holes at door profiles simultaneously to increase the production speed by using 1 extra servo motor
  • Able to perform all operations precisely by the 12 tools on the milling group
  • 15” touch screen monitor
  • Industrial PC with Windows 10 operating system, which works between 0oC and 55oc without the need for a fan
  • Ability to work with data from different window production software ensuring minimum wastage
  • All errors can be seen on the screen with interface programme developed by Murat Machine Software Development Department
  • Problem identification, solution and servicing by means of remote connections
  • Data transfer is available via network and connection or USB storage
  • Ability to back-up data on internal storage unit
  • With shift monitoring system, all operations can be controlled daily, weekly, monthly and annually
  • Central lubrication system to ease the machine maintenance
  • Automatic horizontal-vertical positionable gripper
  • Able to perform opening, drilling and milling operations of angled water drainage channel
  • Operating system takes maximum safety measures against virus spreading and user errors, by cleaning unnecessary processes of last log in, automatically at every opening and closing of the machine

    AL 220/80

    As the AL 220/70 but with the additional features below:

  • Servo controlled cutting saws can be positioned automatically according to the height of the profile and are able to make fast & rigid cutting
  • 0° – 360° rotatable servo controlled gripper
  • Able to perform all operations sensitively with a 12 tool set in the milling group
  • Saw blade diameter 600mm
  • Maximum profile processing width 225mm
  • Maximum profile processing height 185mm


  • Power supply: 400V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
  • Power output: 20kW, 45A
  • Air consumption 750 l/min
  • Max profile height: 160mm
  • Profile processing height 35mm
  • Min profile height: 35mm
  • Max profile width: 130mm
  • Air pressure 6-8bar
  • Max raw profile length 6,500mm
  • Min raw profile length 1,000mm
  • Max profile processing length 4,000mm
  • Min profile processing length 350mm
  • Machine height: 2,500mm
  • Machine length: 15,300mm
  • Machine width: 3,600mm
  • Machine weight: 5,700kg
  • Saw blade diameter 500mm


Al 001 – Camprox Sotware Programme
AL002 – Screw-driving Unit


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