Blitz Alva 500 M Double Head Sawing Machine


A double-head sawing machine with 500mm diameter tungsten carbide blades with motorized movement of the mobile head and pneumatic control of the head tilting.


Available versions:

Blitz Alva 500 M – double head sawing machine 4m                                                        

Blitz Alva 500 M – double head sawing machine 5m                                                        

Blitz Alva 500 M – double head sawing machine 6m 


  • Head tilting from 22.5° external to 90° by pneumatic cylinders, with mechanical stops for intermediate angles
  • 2 no. Ø 500mm tungsten carbide saw blades
  • Blade centering hole Ø 32mm with adapter ring
  • Hydraulic tungsten carbide saw blade feed (adjustable blade exit speed – quick return)
  • Direct motor to blade transmission
  • Blade motors, three-phase 3HP (2.2kW) – 2800rpm Euro voltage 230/400V– 50Hz; 275/480V – 60Hz
  • Ø 28mm saw blade shaft
  • First head fixed, second head mobile with electronically controlled auto positioning
  • Blade tilting 90°/ 45°/ 22.5° and intermediate angles by means of front-mounted mechanical stops suitably protected from chips
  • Cutting zone guards
  • 2 no. pneumatic vertical vices
  • 3 no. pneumatic horizontal vices
  • Customised devices to clamp special profiles (on request)
  • Movable head roller table 2.5m
  • Atomised cutting lubrication kit
  • Electrical switchboard separate from pneumatic one, both positioned vertically and easily accessible for inspection
  • Set up for the extraction of chips and fumes
  • Large size swarf collection box to allow easy collection
  • Set up to take motorised conveyor belt for collecting offcuts and a rear motorised chips collection conveyor belt
  • Real time control of functions by PLC
  • Membrane type keypad protected from chips and sawdust
  • Working pressure: 7 bar
  • Compact flash card reader


Additional charge for special power supply with transformer
Additional charge for special three-phase voltage and cycles. Note: to be specified at time of order.
Additional charge for electrical version UL-CSA
Additional charge for EAC (Eurasian Conformity) certification
PORTER infeed roller table + vertical rollers 3m
PORTER infeed roller table + vertical rollers 4.2m
Manual kit for under size cuts
First & second head angle readout kit
Profile rising roller
Additional horizontal vice
Second retractable middle profile support (Rh) (4-5m)
Second retractable middle profile support (Rh) (6m)
Retractable external profile support for machine with 4-5m working cut (floor fixing outside machine)
Third retractable intermediate profile support kit (6m)
Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with pure oil
Adjustable buffer for vertical vice on both heads
Adjustable double buffer for vertical vice, it’s compulsory on both heads
Label printer
Paper roll for printer; min no 10 pieces (58 x 35mm)
Data conversion driver. For supported formats
Inclined external conveyor belt. Note: it does not include the chips conveyor belt
Centre machine chip conveyor Note: compulsory for version with protective casing
Chips conveyor belt 4m
Swarf conveyor belt 5m
Chips conveyor belt 6m
Saw blade Æ 500mm for tube-shaped aluminium profiles
Crate packing 4m
Crate packing 5m
Crate packing 6m
FOM Oil 5l
FOM Oil 20l
Lubricating grease for guideways (1kg tank)
Lubricating grease for guideways (5kg tank)
Greasing gun