CA 727 Corner Cleaning Machine


  • Cleans the welding seam on lower and upper surfaces of welded profiles with grooving knives
  • Full automatic PLC operating system
  • Automatic identification and cutter set positioning of
    frame and sash profiles
  • Two cutter locations for individually assembled sets of cutters
  • Automatic system for pushing the welded profiles to the back fence to provide accurate centering
  • The profiles are fixed by horizontal and vertical clamps to ensure optimum work piece fixing
  • Standard equipped with profile support arms
  • Fully guarded
  • All operations are controlled by the digital touchscreen display


  • Power supply 415 V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
  • Power output 1.1kW
  • Spindle speed 2,800rpm
  • Max. cutter diameter 160mm
  • Max. Profile Width 120mm
  • Max. Profile Height 90mm
  • Min. Profile Height 40mm
  • Air pressure 6-8bar
  • Machine height 1,500mm
  • Machine length 725mm + 1,335mm (arms)
  • Machine width 1,185mm + 500mm (arms)
  • Machine weight 220kg


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