Job 15 & Job 15/2000 Assembly Bench


Assembly bench with adjustable bars on the work-table.


  • Contact surface coated with non-scratch, shockproof material
  • Loading: 180kg
  • 4 no. length-wise sliding supporting bars; clamping system through handle
  • Pneumatic system with 2 pneumatic connections
  • Hardware boxes (6 no.)
  • Extensible back support, equipped with 2 longitudinal sliding bars (JOB15/2000)
  • Carton packing


Lower plan
Gasket spool kit
Left stop
Lateral extension
Additional pneumatic connections kit
Thermoformed bolts and screw carrier
Additional sliding profile support bars (2m)
Plastic profile (2m)
Cutting hardware direct dimension
Oil-pneumatic punching unit for cutting the hardware parallel cut
Small sash