Kamp Packaging Machine

Fom Industrie

Packaging Equipment


Automatic rotary table for wrapping pallets with stretch film.


  • Power supply voltage: 230V 50/60Hz single-phase
  • Roller table for support
  • Vertical presser
  • Plate diameter 1,800mm
  • Stretch film coil holder with mechanical prestretch
  • Kit for moving machine by forklift
  • Loading: 120 Kg
  • Carton packing


UL-CSA version plant (Includes the plant with cables and special components)
Additional charge for special voltage and cycle (Standard motor 380/480V 3ph 50/60Hz) Note: to be specified at time of order
Slide guide mark kit + mechanical pressure platen Note: Accessory not available on machines already installed
Pluriboll carriage
Autotransformer kit for missing neutral wire
Crate Packing Note: With crate packing it is necessary to also order the wood base ILX20127
Wood Base Note: the machine is already equipped with forks for fork-lift trucks