KT 805 Sash Assembly Table


  • Serial and high quality standard assembly of single or tilt and turn opening system window and door sashes in various dimensions
  • By combining different processes at one table, sash assembly duration is shortened
  • Punch unit for cropping the single or tilt and turn espagnolettes as well as scissor hinges according to sash dimension without measuring
  • Automatic screwing unit with height adjustment for espagnolette, scissor hinges
  • Drilling of hinge holes via measuring apparatus, which standardises the process
  • The work table can be shifted 15° for ergonomic working
  • Standard equipped with shelves for hardware and other tools


  • Min frame size 250mm x 250mm
  • Max frame size 2,400mm x 2,100mm
  • Max profile height 90mm
  • Min profile width 42mm
  • Max profile width 100mm
  • Screw head diameter 5-9.8mm
  • Screw length 10-35mm
  • Air pressure 6-8bar
  • Machine height 2,150mm
  • Machine length 3,500mm
  • Machine width 2,880mm
  • Machine weight  800kg