RC 600 Reinforcement Profile Cutting Centre


  • Automatic and fast cutting of Reinforcement Profiles at different lengths
  • Loading of 5-10 profiles (max 6,500mm length)
  • Automatically feeds the profiles from the loading magazine, cuts at the desired lengths
  • The 420mm saw blade diameter enables cutting of wide profiles
  • Accurate cutting lengths due to servo system
  • The cut work pieces are automatically moved to off loading station
  • Able to measure with optimisation for the minimum waste profiles
  • The saw blade feed can be adjusted
  • Data transfer is available via network connection or USB storage
  • 7” touch screen monitor
  • All error messages can be monitored from the screen by the software
  • Barcode writer (AK003)


  • Power supply: 400V, 3ph, 50-60 Hz
  • Power output: 13kW, 10A
  • Air pressure: 6-8 bar
  • Air consumption 100 l/min
  • Min profile height: 15mm
  • Max profile height: 80mm
  • Min profile width: 15mm
  • Max profile width: 95mm
  • Machine height: 1,810mm
  • Machine length: 10,400mm
  • Machine width: 1,250mm
  • Machine weight: 1,250kg