Modus CNC Machining Centre


A CNC Machining centre with 3 controlled axes and worktable with positioning 0°/90°/180° plus angular positioning control of the worktable (optional) on all angles (from 0° to 180°)


  • Guard with receding frontal door with pneumatic opening
  • CNC controlled interpolating X, Y and Z
  • Touch screen console 15” complete with PC
  • Axes sliding X,Y,Z on linear guides with high precision
  • X axis movement with high pressure reducer
  • Y and Z axes movement with drive with ground recirculating ball-screw
  • Pneumatic rotation of the work table 0° to 90 to 180°
  • Work table height 850mm
  • Pneumatic vices (4 no) that translate along the work table with quick positioning (without use of keys or accessories) of the vice pads (PATENTED)
  • Dual working pressure with safety valves for piece clamping vices
  • Clamps positioning readout on the work table by CN
  • AUTOMATIC tool change ISO 30 cone with cone tool-holder (6 tools)
  • Automatic update of machining parameters when the tool diameter and/or length are modified
  • Milling capacity: X = 2,985mm, Y = 250mm, Z = 120mm
  • Spindle speed: 1000/12000rpm, 3kW
  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with pure oil
  • Set-up for central greasing for recirculating ball-screws and linear guides
  • The profile being machined can be greater than the X milling depth (2,985 mm) alternatively using the pneumatic stops on the left and the right of the machine
    LH and RH profile pneumatic stop
  • Working pressure: 7 bar
  • Work cycle air consumption: 64 NL
  • Chip bin
  • Set up for fumes extraction
  • Max tool height (spindle end projection) 130mm
  • Max tool height 45°-135° & intermediates angles (spindle end projection) 95mm


Additional charge for special power supply with transformer
Electric cabinet cooling plant
Additional charge for electrical version UL-CSA
Additional charge for EAC (Eurasian Conformity) certification
Pneumatic vice with manual positioning (max 2 no. clamps)
Additional charge for transforming the standard clamps into motorized clamps with independent positioning Note: Not selectable if there is PR-27472 Selectable if there is PR-27471
Powered pneumatic vice with independent positioning
Kit for tapping cycle
External stop with tunnel
Additional charge for CNC work table rotation for machining at intermediate angles Note: Necessary with PR-27967
Lubricooling with recycling of cooling liquid in tank Note: Water/oil emulsion. Note selectable if there is PR-27967
Machine handling by container
Integral soundproofing
Software licence for office FOMCAM program
Supplementary office licence for “FOMCAM” program Note: Accessory only applicable if ZP-26866 is present.
Software licence FST MI program for office Note: ZP-26866 must be selected
SOLID PLUS software licence
SOLID PLUS additional software licence
Licence for FST STATISTICS C4 program
Module for the insertion of geometrics “defined by the user” and import of drawings in DXF format for FOM CAM
Module for the graphic designing in 3D for FOMCAM
Wireless bar-code reader + data import software for data in accordance to FOM protocol (ZP712762) Note: For a list of software capable of exporting the work lists to FOM format see attachment to code ZP712762
Data import SW for data in accordance to POM protocol (including in PR-29529)
Data conversion driver Note: To be able to import data into the CNC, either ZP712762 or PR-29529 should be included (For supported formats, see list in attachment)
Software licence for “Clock”, module for times calculation for FOM CAM
Software licence for “Wizard”, module for FOM CAM
Tool Set Aluminium Type 1:
1 no. hole drill bit HSS single flute Æ 3 L = 61mm
1 no. hole drill bit HSS single flute Æ 6/12 L = 100mm
1 no. MD single flute milling cutter Æ 10 covered L = 72mm
1 no. MD single flute milling cutter Æ 6 covered L = 60mm
4 no. collet holder with ring nut ER 20 H = 50mm
1 no. collet Æ 2/3 ER 20
1 no. collet Æ 5/6 ER 20
1 no. collet Æ 9/10 ER 20
1 no. collet Æ 11/12 ER 20
Tool Set Iron Type 1:
1 no. MD single flute milling cutter Æ 6 L = 56mm
1 no. MD single flute milling cutter Æ 8 L = 67mm
2 no. collet holder with ring nut ER 20 H = 50mm
1 no. collet Æ 5/6 ER 20
1 no. collet Æ 7/8 ER 20
ISO 30 cone with milling cutter Æ 75mm thickness 6mm
ISO 30 ER 20 H 50 collet holder
ISO 30 ER 20 H 70 collet holder
Collet Æ 2/3 ER 20
Collet Æ 4/5 ER 20
Collet Æ 5/6 ER 20
Collet Æ 7/8 ER 20
Collet Æ 9/10 ER 20
Collet Æ 11/12 ER 20
6000DPL Lubexall Oil 5l
6000DPL Lubexall Oil 25l
Lubricating grease for guideways (5kg tank)
Lubricating grease for guideways (1kg tank)
Tank of oil for cooling system by emulsified oil (18.5l)