Titan CNC Machining Centre


A CNC Machining centre with 5 controlled axes
Titan 060 – (4 Vices)
Titan 120 – (6 Vices)
Titan 180 – (8 Vices)
Titan 240 – (10 Vices)
Titan 300 – (12 Vices)
Titan 360 – (14 Vices)

The TITAN machining centre has been designed to perform boring and milling work on aluminium and steel profiles. The mechanical specifications of this modern machining centre and of its control system provide economical use in the production of single pieces.


  • Electro spindle FOM 16kW 17,000rpm (HSK E 50) with liquid cooling system
  • 30 position tool magazine; arranged for angular system with Ø 450mm blade (HSK E 50)
  • Pneumatic vices with NC independent positioning:
    – Titan 60: 4 No. vices
    – Titan 120: 6 No. vices
    – Titan 180: 8 No. vices
    – Titan 240: 10 No. vices
    – Titan 300: 12 No. vices
    – Titan 360: 14 No. vices
  • Left sliding pneumatic stop
  • Head guard – partial guard
  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with pure oil
  • Centralized lubrication for all in motion parts
  • Photoelectric cell barrier.
  • Rear and side fences and swinging gate
  • Electric cabinet cooling plant
  • Control equipment: POWER-M
  • Mobile control console with PC, 17” touch screen monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • Software licence for FSTCAM 5 axes version
  • Software licence for tapping cycle
  • 2D and 3D simulation of parts, tools and machining operations
  • FSTCAM training course (FOM premises)


Additional charge for special power supply with transformer
Additional charge for electrical version UL-CSA
Additional charge for EAC (Eurasian Conformity) certification
30 location tool magazine (as an alternative to the standard one) equipped with changer for tool change (HSK E 50)
Tool magazine for the housing of the blade-holder cone (Max. blade diameter 450mm) (HSK E 50)
Tool magazine for the housing of the angular head for machining operations on the lower side of the profile (HSK E 50)
Couple of additional pneumatic clamps (it is advisable to use a couple ever 3m of working area) Note: A minimum of 1 pair additional vices is necessary.
Pendular machining on two areas with pneumatic clamps and stops Note: Not applicable on Titan 060
RH profile stop for long pieces machining or for two pieces without pendular machining. Note: Accessory only available with pneumatic vices and LH pneumatic stop.
Central pneumatic profile stop for multi-pieces working on dual station. Accessory NOT available for Titan 60 and Titan 120.
Profile tolerances measuring system and management software
Temperature measurement of the piece and relative management software
Tool length control and relative management software
Angular head for machining on the bottom side of the profile Note: Obligatory lubri-coolant with recovery of liquid in collection tank. Chip conveyor belt recommended.
Lubricooling with recycling of cooling liquid in tank (advisable for iron materials) Note: Water/oil emulsion
Flowdrill (for steel, not suitable if the profiles are already galvanized) Note: Does not include specific lubricant
Mechanical chip conveyor belt for Titan 60
Mechanical chip conveyor belt for Titan 120
Mechanical chip conveyor belt for Titan 180
Mechanical chip conveyor belt for Titan 240
Mechanical chip conveyor belt for Titan 300
Mechanical chip conveyor belt for Titan 360
Additional charge for perimetric guard for working area protection Note: Available only for Titan 120
Machine handling kit Note: Obligatory accessory
Licence for FST STATISTICS L5 program
Licence for FST CAM program 5 Axis version for office
Additional licence for FST Cam program 5 Axes version for office
FSTSOLID 5 axes – Machining recognition module starting from a step tridimensional file
FSTSOLID additional software licence (5 axis CNC machining centre)
Software licence for cut and divide Note: At least two vices are OBLIGATORY for each piece to produce.
Module for the insertion of geometrics “defined by the user” and import of drawings in DXF format for FST CAM
Wireless barcode reader + data import software for data in accordance with FOM protocol
Data import SW for data in accordance with FOM protocol
Data conversion driver
Wireless remote-control push button panel (controlled by radio)
Software licence for “Clock” module for times calculation for FST CAM
Software licence for data import in NCX format
Software licence for data import in ISO format
Presetting tool software
Lubri FOM 6l Note: Oil for minimum quantity lubrication
Lubri FOM 20.5l Note: Oil for minimum quantity lubrication
Lubricating grease for guideways (5kg tank)
Lubricating grease for guideways (1kg tank)
Greasing gun
Tank of oil Flowdrill (5l)
Tank of oil for cooling system by emulsified oil (18.5l)