Product: FT376 Drain Slot Router

• Mills water drain slots and opens ventilation holes on PVC profiles at various angles
• Two frequency controlled (inverter) high speed motors mill drain slots on different surfaces of the profile
• Motors can work individually
• Easy to adjust according to different profile cross sections
• Full automatic operation
• Pneumatic profile clamping

• Power supply 240V, 50-60Hz
• Power output of each router 0.22kW
• Router spindle speed 18,000rpm
• Routing length max 50mm
• Stroke 25mm
• Max. profile section dimensions 90mm x 90mm
• Air pressure 6-8bar
• Air consumption 18 l/min
• Machine height 1,260mm
• Machine length 800mm 
• Machine width 760 mm
• Machine weight 95 kg

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