Product: Heritage Package

Heritage Package

• Precise milling and saw-blade operation
• Mills and welds heritage products efficiently and precisely
• Achieves traditional timber joint look
• Welded corner butt joint finish to outer face
• Optional inner and outer face butt joint (POA)
• Improved accuracy
• Superb aesthetics
• Enhanced sightlines
• Increased output and improved efficiency
• Repeatable, scalable quality and increased production output

FA 536 Automatic 4 Stack Milling Machine
Includes 2 machines – Outer Frame & Sash Milling

• Pneumatic foot pedal clamping
• Automatic end milling feed unit
• Adjustable saw-blade cutting
• Vertical and horizontal pneumatic profile clamping system Profile specific contour blocks
• Two hand safety control system
• 45° & 90° milling and cutting operation
• Mills 4 pieces in one operation

KC 258/20 Double Head Welding Machine

• Welds two corners of PVC profiles with a single operation
• Fixed left head allows welding at variable angles (60° - 180°)
• Movable head is locked in position by pneumatic braking
• Welds white profiles as well as colored profiles (0.2 mm weld restriction)
• All operations can be controlled automatically
• Two hand safety operation
• Fully guarded
• Ability to clean the heater plates easily
• Special system for easy change of the Teflon
• Special setting plate for HTL welding
• Turret stop positioning for HTL welding
• Controlled fusion limitation for HTL welding

FA 536 Technical Features

• Power supply: 380V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
• Power output: 4.5kW, 12A
• Air pressure: 6-8 bar
• Air consumption: 50 l/m
• Maximum profile height 105mm
• Machine weight: 590kg
• Machine height: 1,675mm
• Machine width: 1,510mm
• Machine length: 2,050mm

KC 258/20 Technical Features

• Power supply: 415V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
• Power output: 3.0kW
• Max welding length: 3,400mm
• Min welding length: 425mm
• Max profile width: 130mm (for 90° welding)
• Max profile height: 190mm
• Air pressure: 6-8bar
• Machine height: 1,640mm
• Machine length: 3,840mm
• Machine width: 760mm
• Machine weight: 500kg

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