Product: SBA-4 Profile Machining Centre

The SBA-4 has evolved through many years of working experience and is the perfect combination of cutting and machining PVCu profiles for the UK window industry. The heavy-duty design gives years of trouble free bar processing. Assembled using top quality parts, along with the Beckhoff control system, this machining centre is easily programmed and adjusted to suit the customers range of windows.

• Profile independent single bar operation
• Modular construction ensures optimum flexibility for working stations & transport units
• High precision servo drives for speed and accuracy
• Fault finding system with error codes
• 12 Bar loading system
• 6.5m Working bar length
• Programmable gripper unit with zero point positioning
• 12 Tool dedicated routing station with option for special tooling if required
• Additional programmable gripper unit with zero point positioning
• Two bar feeding to include saw and routing application at one time
• Cutting Station with 3 x 550mm saw-blades for greater accuracy and speed
• Automatic profile support system to avoid rolling of profiles
• Off take conveyor with independent operation
• Zebra label printer
• Waste conveyor for off cuts
• Extraction system for saw unit
• Windows Embedded Computer with Team Viewer for remote assistance

SBA-4 Machining centre is equipped to rout and cut PVCu profiles of up to 6.5m in length. Loading and off loading is done manually and all other processes are achieved through data delivered directly to the machine from the office.

The base is constructed using robust welded steel and this supports the routing and cutting station to ensure accuracy and long life.

Beckhoff Control System
The machine is equipped with the internationally known Beckhoff control system, which ensures flexibility to programme macros easily and efficiently for most window and door styles.

Axis Driver
All axis are driven by high dynamic servo-motors for greater speed and accuracy. Working stations have high frequency motors, linear guide bearings and spindles to offer a longer working life for the machine.

Routing Station
The routing station consists of 12 dedicated routing tools to ensure the correct routing operation is achieved efficiently and accurately. Three-step positioning allows for faster routing speeds according to the programme used.

Cutting Station
The machine is supplied with 3 x 550mm large diameter saw-blades and 3.0kW motors for all 45-90-45 degree cutting operations.

Machine Clamping
The machine is supplied with profile locating clamping on the loading station to avoid rolling. This also ensures accurate positioning of the gripper unit at all times. Routing station and cutting station clamps work in conjunction with the profile related programme. The 17” touchscreen monitor enables easy access and control.

The computer is equipped with Windows Embedded software and data transfer is available via the network or USB interface. It allows full integration with various window and door production software. All error messages can be monitored from the screen and are accessible via Team Viewer if required.

Waste Conveyor
The waste conveyor system automatically transports all waste to the off cut bin. Waste optimisation can be controlled by the machine or your software supplier.

• Power supply 415v, 3 phase, 50-60Hz• Power output 15kW, 40amps
• Maximum profile height 140mm
• Minimum profile height 45mm
• Maximum profile width 130mm
• Minimum profile width 40mm
• Maximum profile length 6,500mm
• Minimum profile processing length 400mm
• Air pressure 6-8bar
• Machine height 2,000mm
• Machine length 15,500mm
• Machine width 3,800mm
• Machine weight 5,000kg

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