Product: Single Line 2

• Formed by the efficient combination of a horizontal Four Head Welding Machine, with CNC corner cleaning machine and automatic turning station in one production unit
• All phases of the operation, from loading of the profiles to the welding and corner cleaning process up to the unloading of the frames or sashes, are controlled by the computer
• All CNC systems and other electronic equipment is controlled by Beckhoff programming
• The rails are coated to prevent oxidation 

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• Cooling station, which transfers the welded frames or sashes from the four head welding machine to the turning station for corner cleaning
• Waiting time for cooling is controlled by the computer of the welding machine
• Computer controlled triple handle drilling and espagnolette channel milling 

• Automatically transfers the frame or sash and positions the corners one by one into the corner cleaning machine
• Two under table transporters and robot clamping system enables faster operation
• Transports the processed frame or sash to the off loading area

• Integration with the turning station (CK 177 only) enabled to clean four corners of the frame or sash automatically without operator intervention
• Siemens control of all CNC operations
• 4-axis CNC movement, providing shorter operation time
• Complete inner corner machining with inner corner knifing units and upper and lower gasket groove drilling units
• Disk cutter for universal application without tool changing for different outer contours of profiles
• Upper and lower surface cleaning of both white and coloured profiles
• With the help of mobile operator terminal, the machine can be programmed while making the adjustments
• Memory capacity is expandable to keep 200 different profile dimensions and properties
• Central lubrication system eases maintenance

KD 658
• Power supply 240-415V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
• Power output 12kW, 32A
• Standard welding length 3,000mm x 2,580mm
• Min standard welding length 420mm x 420mm
• Welding length with gasket pressing 500mm x 500mm
• Max profile height 180mm
• Min profile height 30mm
• Max profile width 120mm
• Air pressure 6-8bar
• Machine height 1,600mm
• Machine length 4,600mm
• Machine width 4,300mm
• Machine weight 1,665kg

CK 188

• Power supply 415V, 3ph, 50-60Hz.
• Power output 2.2kW, 10A
• Air pressure 6-8bar
• Machine width 3,200mm
• Machine length 3,300mm
• Machine weight 360kg

CN 776 & CK 177
• Power supply 415V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
• Power output 8kW, 22A
• Saw Blade Dimensions Ø250 x Ø30 x 3.2mm, Z=80
• Saw blade rotation 5,200rpm
• Min. Outer Frame Dimension 370 x 370mm
• Max. Outer Frame Dimension:-
- Automatic Mode 2,300 x 2,300mm
- Manual Mode No Limit
• Max. Profile Height 200mm
• Min. Profile Height 30mm
• Max. Profile Width 130mm
• Air pressure 6-8bar
• Machine height 2,200mm
• Machine length 1,850mm
• Machine width 1,250mm
• Machine weight 990kg

 AK-002 Barcode reader
AK-032 Gasket pressing system
Inside cleaning of sliding frame profile
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